What’s My Focus for 2017?

multi-directionNew Year’s Resolutions. Really? Everyone jokes about it. How that they fall flat by what–day 3? I have never really been much of a resolution setter. I tend to just take one day at a time, and whatever happens, happens. Of course, there is the desire to eat better and exercise more so that I can be healthy. There’s also the desire to do something fulfilling so that this year is better than last year.

I’m not sure when it became popular to have a “word” for the year. I know that I did that one year–was it just last year or the year before? You can see how much impact it made on my life. I’m not even sure what the word was.

So as we begin this new year, I am really looking forward to what God has in store. I want my life to change. I want to make a difference. This process had already begun in my heart and life toward the end of last year. So what word do I want to make my focus for this year? I know that last time, I wanted my word to be really profound–something that would cause others to sit up and take notice. Something like “Intentional.”

But honestly, that really sounds proud. And I guess that’s probably the biggest struggle that I have, I want others to think well of me–maybe even better than I am. So this year, I want it to be more real, more realistic. The point is not to make others think well of me, it is to have something to focus on, so that we don’t just go through our days in auto-pilot mode.

I thought about the word “Change” to remind me that it’s time for me to make a change in my life and that I should keep on going, making the changes necessary in my life so that I become what God wants me to be. I thought about the word “Priorities,” since it is so easy to let other things, no matter how good they are, to overtake our time and energy so that we don’t fulfill our primary responsibilities very well.

However, I think the word that I want to focus on this year is “Faithful.” It’s not glamorous. It’s not super profound. But it’s what I really need to focus on this year. I need to be faithful to seek the Lord’s face, seeking His will for my life. I need to be faithful to take care of my main priorities and be faithful, working hard on whatever goals and projects God lays on my heart.

One of my favorite verses in college was 1 Thessalonians 5:24 “He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.”  All throughout the Bible, God is declared to be and shown to be faithful. As imitators of Jesus and since it is a fruit of the Spirit, we also are to be faithful. Jesus, in the parable of the talents, commends faithfulness and rewards those who faithfully use the talents He has given them. I am also reminded of Luke 16:10, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much…”

So before I can really launch out on a new (or possibly several) ventures this year, I must cultivate faithfulness.

So what do you think? Whether or not you have a “word” for this year, what do you think  that God wants you to focus on this year?


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